Sri Prahlada’s new CD available for download!

Sri Prahlada’s new CD available for download!

Sri Prahlada has just released a new CD, available for download from the shop.

In the bhakti tradition kirtan is performed as an offering of love, with love as the only desired objective. Loving relationships assume a giver and a receiver, a subject and an object. In bhakti yoga the individual soul is the subject and the supreme soul is the object. Kirtan is thus a means for cultivating and expressing the love of the individual soul for the supreme soul who is known by names such as Hare (mother-protector), Krishna (all attractive) and Rama (reservoir of pleasure). The most common mantra sung in kirtan is the maha-mantra (great chant) composed of these very names.

This CD titled “Offering” consists of four maha-mantra kirtan tracks as well as an invocation of prayers to the spiritual teachers in the bhakti tradition of Sri Caitanya.
While the CD is Sri Prahlada’s offering to the supreme soul and the kirtan community, he hopes you will be inspired to join the chanting and thereby also make your own offering.


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